GoSoko offers you different ways to pay for your order with secure payment methods.


When your order is complete, just select the payment method you prefer and follow the instructions. 

Please note that for every payment received, GoSoko will send you a confirmation by email confirming reception of the payment.

GoSoko will ship your order once payment has been received (NOT BEFORE. This is your responsibility to do the payment as soon as possible).

Please find below all the relative information and assistance concerning the different payment methods available for your purchases.



You can pay for your order quickly and in complete safety with your PayPal account.

Therefore, you need to have an active PayPal account. If not, go to the PayPal website at and create an account by following the registration procedure and complete the details.

Once you have your PayPal account and you have selected this method of payment for your GoSoko order, all you have to do is provide the exact details via your PayPal account and proceed with the payment of your order.


Credit card (Visa and MasterCard)

You are able to pay for your order quickly and safely with your Visa card or MasterCard.

Therefore, you have to enter the exact information on your credit card:

  • Family name and first name of the card holder
  • Card number (16 digits)
  • Expiry date
  • Cryptogram (3 digit secret code on the back of the card)

You will be able to confirm your payment once this information has been completed.



You can also pay in cash if you decide to pay on delivery and to pick up your order at our office.



You are able to pay for your order quickly and safely with M-Pesa.

Therefore, you need to have a M-Pesa account in order to pay for your purchase. 

If so, select M-Pesa as the payment method for your order and you will be redirected to the M-Pesa payment page and follow the instructions.