GlucoBlocker Tea

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BF Suma
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0.2kg - 4cm x 8cm x 2 cm

Easily Reducing the Level of Sugar in Your Body

● Specially designed for people for who care about their blood sugar level
● Reducing the absorbance of sugar
● Increasing health and vitality
Product Descriptions Supplement Facts Product Displays Product Photos What is GlucoBlocker Tea? BF Suma GlucoBlocker Tea including Gymnema and green tea can easily reduce the burden of sugar on your body for cardiovascular health. Gynema, known as sugar destroyer, has been used for treatment of diabetes because it can delay glucose absorption in blood and increases plasma insulin levels effectively. Green tea, giving the product its aromatic tea base, can increases insulin activity and prevent oxidative damages.

Health Benefits of GlucoBlocker Tea Regulate blood sugar Prevent diabetes Improve diabetes complications Increase health and vitality

Why BF Suma GlocoBlocker Tea? Natural ingredients and pharmaceutical grade products Research-based and balanced formulations Qualified team of scientific experts Strictly follow GMP, ISO, FDA, and PIC/S Standards

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