Refund & Return Policy


Refund process


Refund Eligibility & Policy :


- When your order/item(s) is 7 business day (past 15 business days) late after due date for collection.

- When your order/item(s) received is damaged

- When your order/item(s) received is not what you have ordered


Return Policy :


Please kindly inspect the item carefully upon delivery (to check if all criteria match as per your order).

Please note that we do not accept returns for items below :

  • Innerwear, swimsuits, gym wear, sleep wear
  • Perfumes, jewelry, health & wellness products, adult toys
  • Products shipped from overseas (that are not damaged)


What do you have to do – please follow this steps for order/item(s) damaged or not in conformity with your order :

Steps to follow for damaged/faulty products


1-/ Within 7 days of delivery, please notify GoSoko either via email or phone call during working hours, to submit a re-fund claim.

2-/ You are required to return the product within 4 working days to our premise.

3-/ Within 15 working days, we will evaluate a quality check, alert our suppliers and arrange for the refund process. You are expected to produce proof of purchase and identity along with any promotional items that may have been attached to your products for efficient processing.

4-/ After that quality evaluation we will notify you by email/sms or call with your refund request has been approved or rejected. 

- On approval, refunds are directed back through same payment modes and notified.

- If rejected, you have 30 business day to come pick up back your product at our office. You have to bring us your proof of purchase, order number and identity proof.


What do you have to do – please follow this steps for order/item(s) late 7 business day after due date :

Steps to follow for delayed delivery

1-/ If your order/item(s) is 7 business day late after due date please send us a refund request by mail or call (during office hours) with the following information : order number, proof of purchase and identity detail.

2-/ We will proceed to verification and contact you again by mail or call to try to find a solution.

3-/ If not solution is agreed on by both parties, we will proceed to a refund in the 5 business day with the same payment method you used for effecting your order payment.



Please note that the amount refunded will be the exact amount paid.

For example: If you purchased an item on sale or with a voucher or discount code for $10 and its original value was $20, we will refund you $10.

We will proceed to issue a refund through the same payment method you used while making your order. 

Please note that refund process is free of charge for you but you have to clearly follow the steps and respect the timelines.

We will not accept delay in timelines (except for late order you can request a refund anytime after the 7 business day delay).