Selling on GoSoko

Why sell on GoSoko ?

Are you an Asian or an African seller?

With GoSoko you can sell your products on our website dedicated to the African market. Our knowledge and experience of the African market, logistics and transport, help us provide a safe and efficient means for selling to Africa.
When you sell an article, we pay you your due amount after 15 working days once the product is deliver to the customer. We take care of the delivery of all orders in Africa.


How to sell on GoSoko ?

  1. Log in to your “seller account”
    To sell a product on GoSoko, you need to register as a seller by creating your "seller account" and filling the formula. Once it is done, log in to your “seller account” by clicking on “log in” at the top of the page, to the left of the cart.
    When you connect, fill in your email address as well as your password.
  2. Click on “new product”
    Once logged in to your “seller account”, click on “new product” (green button) and upload the product that you desire to sell.
  3. Fill in the form
    Fill in the form: the information you enter will be displayed on your product page.
    Be as precise as possible and describe your product fully with many details.
    Do not forget to fill in the dimensions and the weight of your article including packaging (per unit). 
  4. Be paid for your sales
    Once one of your products has been bought, GoSoko pays you the due amount after 15 working days once the product is deliver to the customer thanks to your payment and banking informations provided when you register.
  5. Send us the order
    Prepare and send the order to one of our premises in Asia or Africa within 2 days once the order is confirmed.
    We take care of the reception of the order, the shipment and the reception of goods by the buyer.

KENYA – Nairobi


Next Gen Mall, 2nd Floor, Room 40, Along Mombassa Road, Nairobi - KENYA
(+254) 0700456456
Standard building, 3rd-floor room 16, Standard Street, Nairobi - KENYA
Winnie beauty parlor Queensway house, 3rd-floor room 8, Kaunda Street, Nairobi - KENYA

El Shaddai Shop, Wanyua Market, Kenyatta Highway, Thika - KENYA


EASY AS 1, 2, 3 ..

You only have to upload your product, daily check your stock and availability, prepare and send us the order and once it is done you will receive your due amount.


VERY IMPORTANT : please, check the "Conditions" for selling.





Definition of Terms

  1. Vendor – Refers to an Individual person or a Corporate Entity who is capable and willing to enter a contractual relationship with GoSoko Kenya Ltd to supply an item(s) ordered through GoSoko Kenya Ltd Platform.
  2. Platform – A website owned by GoSoko Kenya Ltd.
  3. Account – Vendor registration number generated by the platform.
  4. Customer – A person purchasing item(s) displayed on the platform.
  5. Vendor price – The amount which the vendor is willing to sell an item at. In other words, it is the amount of money the vendor will receive from GoSoko Kenya Ltd after the sale of the supplied item.
  6. Selling price – The price an item is bearing on the platform.
  7. Commission – The difference between the selling price and the vendor price. This is the income for GoSoko Kenya Ltd.
  8. Suspension – The process of withholding a contractual relationship for a specified period.
  9. Delisting – The process of terminating the contractual relationship between GoSoko Kenya Ltd and the Vendor.


Ever since 2017 Kenya has been 3rd in Africa in using E-commerce. E-commerce was built to connect the buyers and the sellers. Keeping this in mind, Internet product is made of two things 1) Platform 2) Sales of product or services. Ever Since then KRA wanted to make sure whatever business is being conducted on the internet should be taxed.

Sec. 5 (3) of VAT 2013 requires suppliers of taxable good to charge VAT. As such, VAT is imposed on the following: Websites, Webhosting, Software and the updating of software, Images, tax and Information, Music Access to database etc. GoSoko Kenya Ltd falls under this category.

Policies and Guidelines

Contractual relationship between GoSoko Kenya Ltd and the vendor(s) will be guided by the following policies:

    1. Product Delivery Policy

The vendor is expected to deliver within 48 hours (2 days) item(s) ordered by the customer through the platform.

Failure to comply, can result in a small penalty, to cover charges for refund(s) made in favor the customer.

    2. Return/Reject Policy

Below are some of the reasons why item(s) may be rejected or returned to the vendor before or after delivery.   

-          Product description does not match the one ordered

-          Counterfeit products

-          Wrong goods

-          Seal broken when received from vendor (where applicable)

-          Does not pass QUALITY CHECK done by aftersales team.

-          Customer does not pick up or receive delivery.

The return will be within 7 working days after delivery. The policy is inapplicable past 7 days.

    3. Payment Policy

Vendor payment(s) will be done 7 days after delivery of item(s) to GoSoko premises.  Exception being when item is returned for any reasons stated above (Return/Reject Policy).

Payment will be done via bank transfer or M-pesa depending on the amount due.

Vendor should provide correct bank details and M-pesa numbers so that funds would be sent to the right accounts.

Any payment delays will be communicated to the vendor promptly and will be resolved as soon as possible.

    4. Invoicing Policy

Vendor(s) will be billing customer directly and mention GoSoko Kenya Ltd with a “Care of” status. That is,

Customer’s Name

c/o GoSoko Kenya Ltd

P.O Box 1234


As explained in the Introduction, GoSoko Kenya Ltd must ensure it complies with Taxation Laws of the country specifically VAT Laws. Therefore, It is the mandate of the vendors to ensure that they are compliant of the relevant taxation laws of the Country. GoSoko Kenya Ltd will NOT be liable to any tax matter(s) between the vendor and the customer. GoSoko Kenya Ltd will only be liable to pay VAT on the commission it receives.

    5. Packaging and Delivery Policy

Opening an account on the platform does not attract any charges currently.

Packaging and delivery (to the customer) will be at the expense of GoSoko Kenya Ltd until further notice. Currently, the vendor is required to drop order(s) at GoSoko Kenya Ltd Office. Plans are underway for Pick-ups stations where vendor(s) will drop orders.

    6. De-listing Policy

Account will be delisted or suspended due to:

  • Constant order cancellation;
  • Frequent Out of Stock;
  • Long shipping time/Delays in delivery by vendor to GoSoko Kenya Ltd Office;
  • Delivery of counterfeit products;
  • Frequent delivery of wrong products or products that do not follow description on the website;
  • For vendor(s) reactivation, a proper procedure will be followed and will be communicated to the respective vendor(s) in time.

In circumstances where the vendor wants to deactivate his/her account, the vendor must communicate in writing (may specify the reasons for closing) to the Vendor Manager for such.

    7. Dispute Resolution Mechanism

In case of any dispute, the parties involved will resolve the dispute(s) amicably. The parties will venture into Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms in settling the disputes.